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 Why Ceramic Bearing?  

 Advantages of Ceramic Bearing Fans

  • Rated life span of 300,000hrs or over 34 years of continuous operation as compared with 50,000hrs for double ball
    bearing models.

  • Can withstand corrosive atmospheric environments without deterioration of the bearing system.
  • Low operational noise level due to the smooth and hard surface of the ceramic bearing system.
  • A superior product at a relative low cost.
  • Large range of models available, from 25mm square to
    127mm square.

  • Models available in 5V, 12V, 24V and 48VDC.
  • Most models available are in stock and ready to send.
  • All fans stocked come with the following standard options:
    Auto restart, reverse polarity protection and rotation detection via a third wire.

  • Other options are available on request, eg.... Speed control via a thermal coupler built into the fan, and speed control via a Pulse Width Modulator input

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